Mechanical systems, AC or HVAC regardless of how efficient or effective they are in cooling and/or heating require a level of maintenance to ensure they are operating optimally.

And AC not only reduces the temperatures inside your premises they also help maintain the cleanliness of the atmosphere in the space. The air filters in an HVAC system are a critical element in filtering out all the dust, pollens, and other pollutants we find inside.

An HVAC filter can come in the form of aluminium mesh, foam, woven polypropylene, non-woven polyester or non-woven polyester with activated carbon.  Not only is the filter there to ensure fresh air is circulated inside however the filter also protects the HVAC equipment from
being coated with dirt or dust

We recommend cleaning or replacing the HVAC filters ideally monthly and at the very least quarterly especially in the commercial setting where they are being run consistently.

If your premise is in a dusty area with construction nearby, or on a main road we would strongly recommend your filters are cleaned monthly.

Any air conditioner filter that is clogged or dirty will reduce the amount of airflow, and hence cause the system to work harder and deteriorate the system’s efficiency. Whenever regular airflow is obstructed, whatever air that goes through the filter would be dirtier than it should, and this will negatively impact the evaporator coil’s heat-absorbing capacity.

A good quality filter will do more than just provide cleaner air — it will also help you save more in the long run as the level of energy consumption could be reduced by 5% to as much as 15%.

During a regular HVAC service as well as cleaning and sanitising your filters our team will :

~ check refrigerant pressures
~ drain/flush vacuum
~ clean return air filters and inspect for degradation
~ inspect condenser and evaporator coils for corrosion
~ check draw of electrical motors including compressors
~ inspect operation of safety controls and switches
~ lubricate joints/bearings if needed
~ check refrigerant driers
~ inspect controls and thermostats
~ check switchboard
~ report on the system’s overall condition   Our team are also able to provide your premises with an additional set of HVAC filters to cut down on the time a service will take. In this instance the dirty filters will be swapped with the clean filters. The dirty filters will be then taken off site to be cleaned and sanitised ready for the next service.   Please let our friendly PQI Maintenance team assist you to design an HVAC servicing schedule that suits the needs of your business and your budget.