How You Can Benefit
– Our Capabilities & Services

PQI Group is comprised of three distinct teams and wholly owned businesses, that work independently and collaboratively each and every day.

Across these three teams: Fitout, Joinery & Maintenance, you are working with leaders in all three arenas, each and together, with extensive national and international experience focussed primarily but not limited to the follow market sectors:

Luxury Retail

Hotels and Apartments

Commercial and Office

Restaurants and Cafés

Universities & Education

Residential Lifestyle

Medical & Health


The Pathway to Results
– Our PQI Methodology

Over the last 31 years, through trial and error and a lot of hard work, we have honed our PQI Methodology in service of our clients and the easiest, most cost effective pathway to producing successful results and outcomes, each and every time. When we talk and work with you, we’ll review this methodology with you and determine how we can serve you best – in part or in full use of these processes to your benefit.


At PQI, we understand your fitout is quite literally your brand personified.
… Your brand brought to life.
… Your brand in a form that people can see, touch, feel and be a part of.


They say the devil is in the detail and our joinery team would tell you that’s true!
When it comes to beautiful craftsmanship, it is that one millimetre that counts. That one micron that makes the difference.


Beautiful assets require care.
Whether that’s your brand showcase – a retail store – a commercial facility, or an architecturally designed apartment building or home – maintenance saves.

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