They say you never have a second chance to create a first impression – and as such what does your shopfront say about your business?

  • Is your facade clean and presentable?
  • Is your door entry areas clean and free of street dirt and dust?
  • Are your window displays dust free?
  • Are your external windows clean and streak free?
  • Is your window lighting all functioning?
  • Has your façade chips and dents?
  • Is your door mat worn and flat?

Maintaining your shop front is one of the most critical items on your maintenance list. Being exposed to the elements as well as the build up of city dust and debris means your shopfront can end up looking less than beautiful.

Paying daily and weekly attention to the cleanliness of your shopfront can help you avoid costly rectification works in the future. 

Stone and metal can be wiped down with a mild soap solution on a regular basis by your cleaning team – using long handled brushes can help them reach higher areas

Particular attention should be paid to frames, window sils and skirting – this is where dust can gather and if left for too long can end up etching the material.

Should you discover chips and dents in your façade having a mini makeover with touch up paint – expertly colour matched – can breathe new life into a tired shop-front

Door entry areas require daily maintenance to keep them looking shop-shape! And throughout the day staff should be mindful of handprints and streaks on the glass and handles – a quick wipe with Windex or another proprietary glass cleaner can keep this area looking it’s best.

Window displays should be checked daily for dust, insects and fallen product. Products should also be rotated regularly to avoid fading or heat damage.

Any blown lamps or bulbs should be promptly replaced – to ensure your window display is bright and attractive.

Door mats are one of the most utilized items in a store – sometimes having hundreds of pairs of feet across them daily!  Refreshing your door mat is a simple exercise and can really lift the entrance to your store – and trap external dirt and debris before it enters your store!

We are PQI are passionate for store maintenance – we hope by sharing our tips for creating the first impression with your clients you can inspire your teams to pay attention to this vital element of your business!

Of course our PQI Maintenance team are very well experienced in all aspects of store façade maintenance – please do not hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice.