Glenn Pitman

Joinery Design | 1300 962 542


Glenn has practical experience.

In spades.

In fact, 29 years of it from shopfitting apprentice to drafting.

Having run his own boutique firm, Glenn has practical experience in the business of joinery and construction too.

And, with practical experience in drafting across multiple platforms: AutoCAD, PaletteCAD & SketchUp as well as 17 years CNC programming and processing experience … he’s a force to be reckoned with.

He’s even had practical experience for a near third of his career, in the commercial building industry specialising in high-rise development, encompassing project management and functional design.

This depth and breadth of experience means he can talk with and work with anyone ranging from bespoke high-end residential home owners, to Tier 1 builders, architects, designers and of course, joiners, shopfitters and project managers from trades to leadership.

All of this and his positive reputation in the industry, attention to detail and time management, all critical to success in this sector, means Glenn is the perfect fit as Production Designer at PQI Group.

Glenn is a proud father to two children and celebrates over 20 years of marriage. He enjoys outdoor sports such as boating, wakeboarding and mountain biking as much as holidays in Bali!