Jim Walker

Maintenance Manager | 0433 690 660


Welcomed into PQI Group in 2016 to lead the evolution of the Maintenance Division, Jim has been instrumental in seeing that team grow in capability, services and an ever-expanding client base.

For instance, Jim and the team’s work with flagship store Cartier, has set the standard for just what a true ongoing partnership to manage a key brand asset well, and save Cartier thousands in the process, can look like…

Jim has been steadfast in his leadership of the Maintenance team from fledgeling to fast growing, with a focus on truly managing a client’s assets as if they were our own.

To Jim and this team, going into to a facility or store to conduct repairs, re-fits, updates or scheduled maintenance doesn’t ever feel like “going to a job” … instead Jim and the team under his leadership, operate as if they are going to our very own business or site and as such, treat each with an entirely different level of respect and service.

Jim has steered the Maintenance team to now be able to offer an extensive range of services customised to meet the individual needs of each store or facility. Each offering is designed to save the client thousands or help them generate more business from an existing site.

Supported by a well credentialled in-house team and an extensive list of trades and specialists, Jim derides great satisfaction in ensuring the clients are always first priority. His steadfast focus on the client’s needs, solving sometimes complex problems under difficult services, collaborating with a great team of contractors and truly believing that “prevention is better than the cure”, Jim continues to lead the growth of this division in service of our clients.

Outside of PQI Jim still likes to relive his youth; annual surf trips to exotic overseas destinations are always a priority! In between, weekend getaways, a few ‘sundowners’ with friends and a love of the unexpected occupies his time. Jim is the proud father of four young adults who have each graduated from university and are making their way in life.