Olivia Moon

Administration | 0458 417 278


25 years doing any one thing surely makes you an expert – yes?


And that’s exactly what Olivia Moon has accomplished with 25 years experience in luxury retail management!

She knows exactly what is like to be in a luxury flagship store day in and day out.

She knows, from a very practical, hands on point of view, exactly what it’s like when the store is perfect.

On brand. On point. On the money. And …what it’s like when it’s not.

She understands the impact on Store leadership. Store team members. And of course, highly sought after, store brand customers.

That’s why she is the perfect addition to our PQI Maintenance Team. Joining PQI in 2019, Olivia’s in-depth understanding of retail operations from the lense of the client’s perspective, absolutely means our maintenance team are far better equipped to deliver truly practical and cost-effective maintenance solutions to our clients that work.

From designing and implementing tailored schedule maintenance programs, coordinating ad hoc and emergency repairs as well as planning for minor store renovations and display initiatives … Olivia delivers the best in client service and relishes the chance to nurture the client relationships that PQI Group are renowned for, by bringing her special expertise and retail operations lense of expertise to any client matter.

When not discovering new cuisines or cultivating her tropical garden, Olivia can be found on the yoga mat or out on the water enjoying the QLD lifestyle with her partner and family.