Paul Gollan

Project Manager | 0423 978 022


Lead Installer.
Site Manager.
Factory Foreman.
Project Manager.
That’s quite the pathway!

In so many cases across the industry, Project Managers have barely set foot on the joinery factory floor let alone been an installer or a foreman.

That means they can sometimes lack the practical understanding of what it is that’s being built – why the design will or won’t work – and how to make it work inside the constraints of any site or project that can arise. Not so in Paul’s case …

Arriving at PQI Group as a contractor with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge 7 years ago, Paul quickly became a Lead Installer, from there a successful Site Manager and on to Factory Foreman.

However, it was Paul’s ability to efficiently run complex projects alongside his passion to deliver quality work to our clients that exceeded their expectations, that saw him progress to his current role as Project Manager.

The other things we love about Paul (and you will too) – his strong work ethic, passion for quality, calm demeanour and interdisciplinary industry knowledge that makes him innovative on the job and; last but not least, his commitment to results.

On time and on budget.

Better yet, while project management isn’t always easy, and we all know despite all the planning in the world there can be a great deal of troubleshooting required … No matter what is happening, under what tight deadlines or pressures, Paul is the embodiment of collaboration – in fact, unity.

He works as one with his peers, site team, contractors, suppliers and of course, clients. Never an “us and them”, instead it’s always “we” and “how” … “How do we make this happen for the best possible outcome in the best possible timeframe, together?” His unwavering commitment to that level of unified approach is a breath of fresh air.

On the weekends Paul loves everything outdoors from fishing, boating, motorbike riding, gardening, spending quality time with the family along with a healthy side of renovating houses – of course more construction project management!