Beautiful assets require care.

Whether that’s your brand showcase – a retail store – a commercial facility, or an architecturally designed apartment building or home – maintenance saves.

It saves and upholds the integrity of the design.

It saves and protects your brand expressed in that built environment.

It saves money. In very real commercial terms, usually by many times the investment in scheduled maintenance …

And it saves time.

Yours and your team’s, so they can focus on what they do best – client facing services and sales.

The Maintenance Team

Please meet our extraordinary and passionate team. A team committed to excellence for your project.

 Jim Walker

Jim Walker

Maintenance Manager

0433 690 660

Pradeep V Raja

Pradeep V Raja

Project Manager

0450 766 492

Olivia Moon

Olivia Moon

Key Relationship Manager - Maintenance

0458 417 278

Passion. Quality. Integrity.

Personalised Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Our work with flagship store Cartier, has set the standard for just what a true ongoing partnership to manage a key brand asset well, and save Cartier thousands in the process, can look like…

In fact, our personalised Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance Plans are specifically designed to help clients like Cartier and perhaps yourself, save time and money. In our experience, each site is unique, with a specific combination of materials and finishes, each requiring specialist care, hence we tailor our Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance Plans to deal with your unique environment and to ensure minimum disruption to your business and reduce the costs associated with emergency repairs.

Of course, this allow us to help you always present your premises or facilities at their best for your most important person – your customer.  Bottomline: the Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance Plan ensures your asset is maintained and cared for the at the highest level possible in the most cost effective way.

Services to Support Your Brand & Business

In addition, we offer an extensive range of services customised to meet the individual needs of each store or facility. Each offering is designed save you thousands in real dollars, hours and hours in lost or sub-par in-store or site performance, or help you generate more business from your existing space or, indeed on occasion, solve immediate business critical emergencies.  PQI Maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Facilities maintenance
  • On-call corrective maintenance
  • Emergency corrective maintenance
  • Insurance works
  • Commercial refits, upgrades and refurbishments
  • Scheduled premise inspections.

Supported by a well credentialled in-house team and an extensive list of trades and specialists, this team derides great satisfaction in ensuring you are always first priority (by the way, that’s why we have a dedicated contact line!). Our steadfast focus on your needs, solving sometimes complex problems under difficult services, and collaborating with a great team of contractors sets us apart, all in service of our clients and the ongoing health of your premises and business.