PQI specialise in facilitating marble and stone floor polishing and honing.

Professionally polished or honed stone floors made from natural marble, granite, travertine, limestone and engineered terrazzo look spectacular in a contemporary retail setting. The clean and reflective look of full gloss floors, pristine grout lines, and the  scratchless appearance achieved through annual treatment enhances the retail setting to a new level !

Polishing and honing are the most successful ways to revive scratched, worn and stained stone floors, and erase the signs of daily wear and tear. Polishing can restore the glossy, mirror finish to a floor, whilst honing can restore the brightness and smooth silky feel.

PQI has at it disposal fully trained technicians who can assess your marble or stone floor tiles, to determine the exact polishing process required to bring them back to life

PQI use the most effective diamond abrasives, equipment, technology, and polishing compounds to restore the natural appeal of your stone floors.

PQI can repolish stone floors to achieve a full gloss or semi gloss finish, or honed, matt finish, depending on your decorating needs.

Scuff marks, scratches, dirt and discolouration caused by daily foot traffic, food and liquid spills and acidic cleaners or bleach will be removed to leave your marble and stone stone looking clean and fresh.

The original vibrance and smooth feel of your stone floors will be restored.  The appeal of the area will be improved.