Floating shelves and open shelf cabinets are a popular feature in many kitchens and bedrooms with many uses such as book displays, ornament displays and statement pieces.

Floating and open shelving have been a hot new trend of late. If you are wondering whether open shelves are right for you and your space, below are some pros and cons;

Advantages of closed cabinets

  • You can select the style and hardware to suit the aesthetics of your kitchen, making it a good option when going for a specific style and feel.
  • Traditional cabinets offer ample storage with a tidy look. While also offering protection from dust 

Disadvantages of closed cabinets

  • It may give the illusion of the kitchen being smaller.
  • Closed cabinets that go up to the ceiling, are on average more expensive than shelves or wall cabinets. 

Advantages of open and floating shelves

  • It helps the room feel a little more open while providing all your storage requirements.
  • You can place the items that are frequently used on the open shelves, allowing them to be within arm’s reach.
  • Floating shelves decorated nicely act as statement pieces complimenting the overall design. 

Disadvantages of open shelves

  • A big issue with open shelving is that everything is generally in full view. If there are too many items placed on the shelf, it will look busy and cluttered.
  • Items that do not have their own place in the kitchen may find itself on the open shelf collecting dust.
  • You may find yourself having to clean the area more often as dust can definitely settle on items if they are not used often.