At PQI GROUP we believe that keeping a client happy is key to success, our client’s recommendation and loyalty to our team and company over a long period of time showcases our company’s 30-year success story.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we cultivate and maintain with our clients.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading luxury brands and the fact they have reached out to us time and time again to complete their incredible projects is testament to the relationships built with our long standing PQI Group team.

Trust is everything when you are dealing with our clients long anticipated project, we understand our client has been looking forward to their project coming to life normally with a lot of excitement and off coarse trepidation.

We endeavour to go the extra mile with our projects, so customer service is about putting our clients first, we give them help, support and advice, we respond to their inquiries, we learn what you need and provide it.

Above all we treat our clients with respect, as they are of paramount importance to us.