Despite current COVID border restrictions, PQI Group is pleased to share that we have people on the ground in Sydney.

This picture captures a scene witnessed earlier this year in Sydney as recent arrivals from overseas are escorted to quarantine hotels.

PQI Group remains vigilant in implementing all health directives, ensuring our service to climates and associated challenges are minimised, allowing our valued clients to operate without inconvenience in in-store maintenance issues.

Here is the list of COVID Safety precautions we have introduced.

PQI Group Head Quarters:

  • All guests are asked to sign in
  • Limited people in the lunchroom at the one time
  • Hand sanitiser placed around the office and warehouse


  • We keep 1.5 meters apart when possible
  • Masks are put on when working in close proximity to someone
  • Hand sanitiser is available at each site
  • All guests on-site are asked to sign in

As we continue along the unknown journey that is COVID, we will stay abreast of changes, policies ensuring we are always COVID safe.