Project Manager’s in particular have a complex role encompassing a list of challenges to overcome on a daily basis. They have a strong sense of leadership and are responsible for guiding a team to achieve all of the project goals.

The Project manager optimally is focused on producing a completed project which not only complies with the clients objective, but to exceed them and handover exceeding client expectations. They are committed to ensuring all phases of the project operate like a well-oiled high performance machine – From the site start up, setting out with millimetre precision on line marking set-outs, to developing and maintaining schedules and achieving milestone dates, to finally presenting the client a detailed high end luxurious finish on handover day.

It is not unusual for the scope of works to continually change throughout the project and be faced with tightened time constraints, therefore decisions are often required to be made in haste under pressure. In practice his/her approach requires the development of distinct technical skills, tools and techniques to project activities.

Generally our Project Managers will manage the site coincide with a Site Supervisor and will meet at least once per week to review the project in fine detail. As 2020 has thrown spanner in the works with boarder restrictions implemented and air travel no longer an option, our Project managers strategized and successfully overcome the obstacles by recruiting local teams to the project site and successfully hot on with business and ran interstate and abroad projects completely via remote control!

“Operations keep the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organisation forward”