One of the trends in retail is moving away from reactive maintenance and towards a Scheduled Preventative Maintenance program. These programs will save your business both time and money. Having the certainty that your retail investment will be maintained to the highest level will give you peace of mind and the time to focus on your core activities.

By implementing a scheduled maintenance program you can have the surety of your maintenance budget and by utilizing PQI to manage your maintenance program you can be assured your store’s investment will be maintained.

Integrated facilities maintenance is an ever evolving a domain within the retail sector. PQI Group offer facilities management under a scheduled maintenance agreements. Scheduled maintenance  to include services including weekly monitoring of all in-store fixtures and their operation, monthly electrical inspections, bi-annual carpet cleaning, annual front of house repainting etc ensure your establishment is always looking and operating to it’s optimum.

Whilst initial tracking of all scheduled maintenance items may incur expense statistics clearly indicate strong proactive maintenance strategies provide cost effective solutions and the peace of mind the likelihood of unforeseen ‘breakdowns’ and the disruption they create are lessened leaving more time for the real work of displaying your facility at is best and promoting the appeal of your brand.

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