Majority of construction contracts will call for the contractor to provide a works program outlining the scope of works, specific project milestones and reference points to track how the works will be carried out as the project evolves and ensure the handover date is achieved. They are the backbone of any successful project and each good Project Manager will reference their program daily to ensure they are meeting targets and striving to exceed wherever possible.

Construction programs are usually quite complex and involve a lot of coordination for many moving parts, teams, equipment and materials at a brief. No shortcuts can be taken when building the program, it must be accurate and factual to the specific program. The more time spent imputing the correct details from the start, the less issues, and solid foundations to execute the project plan.

  • Dates and duration: The program will be determined by the set project dates. Day one of site possession right through to the rewarding handover day! Note the amount of calendar days and weeks the schedule will run for.
  • Prioratise tasks: List out all the tasks involved in the project, including major milestones. If a task is noted, it will not be missed. Set a time frame for each task, allow contingency days where delays are likely to occur.
  • Allocate the tasks and execute: Issue the construction program to all teams, as the tasks will not get done by themselves! The Project Manager and Site Supervisor will essentially drive the program and push the teams for the duration of the project, however subcontractors should always have an updated copy of the program to reference at any given time to avoid confusion of when they are commencing works and potentially delay the site.

We simply ‘Plan the work, work the plan”!