If you do any sort of woodworking whether you are a home handyman, a hobbyist, a weekend warrior or a trained professional a sharp edge on your tools is very important. Sharp tools produce better work, cut with less effort and can be safer to use because you do not have to force them, so there is less pressure behind the cutting edge. Sharpening your plane and chisel blades for example is not that difficult. You may think a dull tool is safer to handle than a sharp one, but that is not necessarily true. Tools that are not well maintained can cause you or others harm.


Consideration must be given to the correct angle each tool/blade should be sharpened to. Achieving the correct bevel on your blade is quite important but getting it right is not difficult, and though it is important there is lots of leeway.

Different tools require blades to be cut at different angles for instance a nominal bevel on a chisel is 25-30 degrees while a plane blades bevel  sits around 40-45 degrees depending on the type of work you are doing.


Tools and equipment that are well cared for, sharp, oiled and still in ideal working condition make a difference on the job site.

By maintaining the health of your tools, you can keep that ease of use lasting a lot longer, helping you work faster and more efficiently. Faster, easier work means you can move onto the next job sooner, increasing your success.