A prestige retail boutique in Collins Street, Melbourne finds itself the innocent victim of a plumbing disaster emanating from its upstairs neighbouring tenancy. The heritage listed building and its associated architectural features, the exclusive merchandise stocked and carried is vulnerable.

PQI Maintenance answer the call! … What happened next?

Plumbers are engaged, electricians ensure the water does not compromise the lighting etc. carpet cleaners sanitise and steam carpets.

A sewerage pipe burst in the tenancy above this boutique. So the effluent was seeping through the ornate plaster ceiling onto the carpet below. 

We were able to have the carpet protected whilst the plumbers dealt with the leak – after which we had our carpet cleaners attend to clean and sanitise the carpets. 

Next step will be to attend to the ceiling which is now stained and is wet through, check all electricals to ensure they have not been affected by the water, clean the stone floor which also received drips as well as touch up the paintwork that was affected.

It was a success!