ISO 9001 is not just an international quality management standard that shapes a business to deliver its best to exceed customer expectations when it comes to quality assurance.

So is this just about delivering quality service to clients? Not just yet, ISO 9001 is a tool that continually educates a business to improve its overall process and efficiency. Of course, no schedules and processes always go as per plan.

The utilization of ISO 9001 caters for the opportunity to alter the approach path to suit the business requirement and mitigate future issues that may occur during a process.

What happens when using a good Quality Management System?

  1. Risk-based thinking- Thinking risk is thinking quality delivery, therefore expecting issues on every critical task isn’t always a bad idea! Risk-based thinking helps one to approach any crucial task by predicting the potential risk that may occur during a process. This approach brings about greater awareness among individuals to expect future problems well in advance and plan tasks appropriately to achieve the best quality output.
  1. Corrective actions- Every path to success is no doubt will contain challenges and problems. ISO 9001 ensures to advise the record-keeping of issues and their root cause to eliminate any future occurrence of the same or similar issues. Processes are planned, and related issues are identified along the way and corrected accordingly. As a best practice, the corrective measures are periodically reviewed to ensure efficient work delivery.
  1. Smoothened business operation- when the planning is clear, the execution is achieved with ease. ISO 9001 prompts a more practical way to approach various business processes within an organization. Accountability is ensured with every step of processes involved and greatly help to achieve the targeted KPIs.  
  1. Customer’s trust- the approach mentioned above enables a business to deliver a better quality service to its client. Therefore it builds confidence with the customers to trust the services.