At PQI Group we could easily talk about our 31-year proven track record successfully working with the world’s leading brands in retail, through to architects, builders and more but by now you probably know that.

Instead we’d like to share what we believe has given us that privilege.

It’s a combination of heart, drive and we think intention and vision and a few things that are our mission in life …

We hope you’ll explore this area to get to know us that little bit more. Enjoy!

Our Intention

– Why our business exists …

To be a leading demonstration of passion, quality and integrity in the construction industry, transforming empty spaces into beautiful places that inspire.

Our Vision

– Size and Scope …

Thanks to our reputation for delivering successfully time and time again, by 2030, PQI Group will be generating approximately $50M in revenues across our three core teams of Fitout, Joinery and Maintenance.

With strong profits and balance sheet, we continue our committed journey of success … Leveraging our results, brand, learning, growth, relationships, team spirit and ongoing development to become a 100-year, outstanding company. We are highly regarded the world over, for being of service to our extraordinary clients, true excellence, leadership and most of all; heart.

Our Mission

How We Accomplish Our Intention & Vision Day to Day …

1. We always look from the perspective of the “whole”.

Our focus is your outcome. Your vision. And we well know that across the process from design and drafting, to estimating, to manufacturing, installation and project management to maintenance, a successful build doesn’t start with the first nail or end with the handing over of the keys.

Instead it is a collaboration with many, across the whole – from the beginning of the journey, the very idea of what’s possible, through to the build and then the care and maintenance of the amazing asset that gets created. At PQI Group we see the whole picture and work to deliver your masterpiece.

2. We take personal responsibility.

At PQI Group we are a culture of team and ownership. We will always personally treat your project as if it was our own – our brand, our business, our home, our building.

How we do that is simple. Each person owns the task, project or outcome they are charged with, as well as their personal approach – who they’re being amongst our team and with our clients, contractors and suppliers – to achieve that goal.

This is why for example, unlike others in our industry, we don’t have an Estimating Team and a separate Project Management Team … Our Project Managers estimate AND working in partnership with joinery, contractors and suppliers, deliver on their estimate as the person accountable for the successful outcome for you, our client.

3. We have an inside advantage (well a few actually!).

With an experienced joinery team and factory inhouse, PQI Group can bring advantages to clients that others simply can’t. Add to that, our joiners and cabinet makers are masters, dedicated to their craft and who take very personal pride in manufacturing and installing beautiful work – whether for a luxury retail brand, bespoke home, high-rise apartment or other – our commitment is beyond compare. And that means you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a truly quality outcome.

4. Benefit from “double” longevity.

One of the things that stands out about us is our longevity, sure as a business with a 31-year track record, but actually our longevity as a team is second to none. With team members who have been with us for the majority of, or in fact, their entire working lives – a rarity in any business but especially so in a high pressure, often complex, time, cost and deadline driven business like ours – we’re absolutely privileged to continue our journey together. That longevity brings speed, ease of communication and deep experience to the table for each other day to day, and of course, for our clients, saving you time, money and hassle.

5. We are masters at what we do.

A Master is defined as: “Someone extremely skilled and capable at something. Someone skilled in their chosen field. To become an expert at something.” Without doubt, that’s us. With decades of very real, hands on experience across a deep and broad spectrum of projects – and a collective wisdom of hundreds of years between us to draw on – we apply our mastery to bring your vision to life every single day on every single project.

6. We offer very real partnership.

To each other as part of the PQI team, and with our external partners – from clients to contractors and everyone in between, we see ourselves as partners in success. At PQI Group, it’s never “us and them”, it’s always from the perspective of “we” and working together collaboratively. 
So, in those tough moments that can and do happen from time to time in building projects, we think from and ask: how do we – PQI Group, contractor, supplier, team members and client – produce the result or indeed, solve the challenge TOGETHER? With us leading the way to find a great outcome for all …  

7. A true commitment to never ending improvement.

We’re humble enough to recognise that nobody is perfect. Starting with our Founder’s attitude from the get-go, we like he has, remain open and receptive to new ideas, to new ways of doing things so we are always improving and adding more and more value to our treasured clients. Specifically, we are always at work on making our processes, procedures and how we do things better, easier, more efficient and ever more cost effective for you.

8. And leadership …

Being leaders in our own lives, in our roles and in the business as a whole is important to us. At PQI Group we understand and firmly believe everyone leads – from apprentice to Managing Director. We know that each of us leads our own unique and important contribution to every project and every client and ultimately, to the 100-year company vision we share. For that, we are forever grateful.

Our Core Pillars

In addition, we believe in, live by and work every day true to these 7 core pillars.


From the Managing Director to the Junior Apprentice, for and with our clients and contractors, our business thrives on open and honest communication. To be accountable to each other as a team means we are open and honest at all times and as needed, speak our mind with respect and thoughtfulness.


We collaborate and play as a team, solve problems as a team and celebrate success as a team. The spirit of cooperation and interaction is what makes it all happen! And to be crystal clear, our team includes our clients, suppliers, external experts, architects, designers, builders and contractors too.


20th Century futurist and global thought-leader, R. Buckminster Fuller said: “Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”  We agree and integrity is our highest personal and company-wide value.  We do what we say, when we say we will, and we say what we mean. We honour our word. And, if there is ever an issue in our ability to do so and deliver as promised, we will be in communication to resolve it immediately.


At PQI Group respect is granted to every individual no matter where they find themselves in their PQI or client-side career, role or life. We respect all religions, socio-economic groups and families. We stand for equality and believe in one race – the human race!

Positive Influence

We are influenced by our clients, our staff, our suppliers and subcontractors, regulatory authorities, the community and the environment. The combination of these influences impacts on us daily and contributes to our strengths. In turn, as a market leading business with are a positive influence on the construction industry and for our clients.

Adding Value…

Our aim is to provide exceptional value for our clients – not just financially and tangibly but also in all the non-financial and intangible ways business and relationships grow and have meaning together. We are always looking for how and where we can add more value, where we can add that idea or piece of knowledge or in fact, problem solving that makes a difference.


Time and time again our business has shown real heart. Real grit. Real guts and determination. This is sometimes not an easy business and demands a willingness to push through, to have a heart and a commitment bigger than Phar Lap to get the job done. It is the lifeblood that ensures we action what we say with passion and conviction to deliver what we promise.

Passion. Quality. Integrity.