Brad Dunne

Founder & Non Executive Chairman | 0412 757 486


From a one-man band, starting with nothing much but a drive, a passion and a vision, to now a market leader is quite the journey …

And that’s exactly the inspirational journey that Brad Dunne has taken the PQI Group on over the last 31 years.

From the group’s humble beginnings in Brad’s laundry in his home in Chirn Park on Australia’s Gold Coast, to being the pre-eminent high-end fitout, joinery and maintenance provider … Brad’s success is to be congratulated and, his vast experience is without peer.

Right now, Brad continues to be a leader that demonstrates daily a commitment to excellence, empowerment of others, absolute determination, positive problem solving, a “can do” one team collaborative approach, attention to detail and; a focus on building very real relationships – in fact, partnerships – with clients and team alike, all with a dose of cheeky fun thrown in.

And, you’ll see all of these characteristics reflected in PQI’s amazing leadership team from Craig Stewart, to Josh Turner, to Nathan Meers and Jim Walker and others too.

Brad’s heartfelt belief that you: “build your people and the people will build the business” has meant that the PQI Group has a team of incredible longevity, experience, skills and passion who do exactly that under his leadership.

And who focus, as Brad does, on fulfilling each and every client’s vision successfully.

You would think with 31 years in business, a highly regarded, well known and respected brand, Brad could take the foot off the pedal but no, Brad is more determined than ever to see PQI Group be what he calls: “a hundred year company”.

A company that lasts and lasts purely because of the sheer value it adds, the quality of its work and its people and the difference it makes to its clients and the community.

Pretty inspiring right? We think so.

Brad is married to Sharon and lives in Perth, Western Australia overseeing the Group’s growing operations in the West and supporting Craig Stewart and the Leadership Team to fulfil the journey to that 100-year company.

Other than creating beautiful built environments, Brad’s passions are surfing, motor racing and boating and of course, sampling the fine wines and food of the great south west as Brad would say “somebody has to do it!”