Craig Stewart

General Manager | 0413 666 642


Starting his career as an energetic 17-year old apprentice, Craig has grown just like the business has grown, from plucky start up to polished performer! Being part of PQI Group – and delivering the incredible results PQI produces time and time again – has quite literally been Craig Stewart’s working life.

In fact, he has had his hand in every client engagement – almost every major and minor project since 1999 – so if you see a project like Tag Heuer, to Ford, to Bond University Craig has had something to do with it.

Forging experience from that beginning as a bright-eyed apprentice, to site manager, to estimator, to project manager of multitudes of extraordinarily complex high-end luxury projects, and ultimately, to leader over the last 21 years … Craig brings to the table an incredible knowledge bank of genuine, hands-on experience at every single level of producing results for clients and of the PQI Group itself.

Now leading the charge as General Manager since June 2019, Craig relishes leveraging that wealth of experience for the greatest good – positive outcomes for clients and all involved.

Working side by side with each Team Leader & Finance, Craig oversees all aspects of the business – fitout, joinery and maintenance – and the incredible teams and individuals across the entire business, from the factory floor to out on site to produce outstanding results.

Craig’s dedication, loyalty, integrity, commitment to deliver and exceed expectations, team spirit and leadership are second to none.

All those qualities are reflected in his special ability to mentor, motivate and mould people into being leaders in their own right. His belief that “everyone leads” means he fosters leadership in every person and team to successfully lead tasks, projects and powerful outcomes.

Fundamentally, Craig leads PQI Group and its key relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers, not from some theoretical place but from having been there and done that – a deep and broad experience in both building and business – that fosters positive relationships, produces fantastic results for all and sees each and every project and the business thriving.

Never one to shout it from the rooftops despite all of his accomplishments and skills, Craig is also our quiet achiever. Humbly working away to make all that happen. And with the amazing PQI team, make it happen he does.

Craig’s down time is best spent with wife Shelby, two kids Maddox & Nyah, family, and friends where he resides on Australia’s Gold Coast. Gym training, running, football and generally being active are an important part of the balance in Craig’s life, not to mention a few drinks by the water for a moment of relaxation too!