Sandra Lysaght

Financial Manager | 0487 777 811

The Rock.

Like the foundations of a great building that stand the test of time, it’s safe to say that for the last 21 years Sandra has been the bedrock of PQI Group.

Working alongside Managing Director and Founder Brad Dunne from 10 years into this 31-year journey so far, Sandra has been there for every major stage of growth and development.

But far from being a spectator as sometimes can happen in Admin & Finance – Sandra has been and continues to be a significant influence and voice in the business. Her skilled Financial Management has seen PQI Group go from strength to strength and build a very strong Balance Sheet – one most construction companies would frankly, envy.

That strength – and Sandra’s strength leading the way in this arena – gives the business confidence.

Confidence for our clients.
Confidence to be competitive.
Confidence to continue to grow.
Confidence to hold tight and keep pushing during crazy times like 2020.
Confidence to continue to take on marquee and flagship projects time and time again.
Confidence to collaborate as a team and with our greatest priority: our clients.

Her many accomplishments in the business include working in every area of office administration and finance within PQI, through to developing a sophisticated spreadsheet based, incredibly accurate estimating database, that continues to expand and grow and drives accuracy and outcomes for estimating through to Project Management for PQI and clients alike.

Sandra is passionate about systems and believes in “constant and never-ending improvement”. As such she is always looking for ways to speed up, simplify and improve PQI’s processes and procedures. Her work in these arenas continues to make PQI better and better for all concerned.

Sandra loves spending time in the garden, renovating, sharing a beer with friends around the fire pit, playing a mad game of hockey and travelling to see the wonders of the world. Sandra also has two grown up daughters who grew up as part of the PQI family!